Sponsor Target

Due every month

First payment: July 1, 2024



This is Target! Target is a Paint horse. He and Skeeter are best buddies and came to the barn together. Target is a lesson horse here at Full of Grace. He is a lot of fun to ride and loves to jump! He also likes to play keep-away when you go to get him in the field (unless you have treats!). 

All of Full of Grace Farm’s horses have been rescued from various difficult circumstances & have required much love & rehab. As each horse has its own special story, so do they each have their own special needs. A monthly Sponsorship ensures our horses’ unique needs will be met. Each Sponsor will receive a monthly update, pictures & videos of their horse.

Class Pet Horses: School Classes can Sponsor-A-Horse as a Class Pet! When your Class Sponsors a Horse they will get Monthly updates on their horse’s activities & journey which includes pictures & videos along with an annual Class Field trip to visit their horse (Either at the Barn or Virtually!). Any class can have a gold fish or hamster (no disrespect, we love our little critters too!) but how Fun would it be to have a Class Horse!

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