Carey P. – mother of a 12 year old boy –

“His teachers want to know what I did, he made a complete turnaround!”

Linda S. – mother of a 15 year old girl –

“Her focus has been so much better and she has never communicated as well as she does now.”

24 year old female client –

“I can so relate to this way more than sitting in an office and the horses are just awesome!”

Clinician from a local residential program speaking about two teenage boys.

“In my experience for J**** and especially T*****, this has offered a healthy building relationship in which they do not have to use their usual defense skills. It has been a valuable and frequently used reference to when existing relationships appeared to offer disappointment, frustration, and no hope. They are able to speak about relational concepts without the threat they have learned in many domains. It is hard to measure this outcome, but it is important to offer people in seemingly hopeless situations small pockets, relationships, or activities in which they can feel free from cynicism beyond their years.”

R. H. (female client) ~

“Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Full of Grace Farm is making a wonderful difference in my life. I was first introduced to it when I attended a demonstration at the farm. There I participated in a group activity with at least eight other people, just for fun, and was surprised to find that the work resonated with what was going on in my life, even though the exercise was not tailored to me specifically. I was intrigued and decided to continue the work.
Since starting my regular weekly sessions I’ve been amazed at the results. I’ve been in traditional talk therapy before, and I find that the horses help us all get right to the heart of the matter. They show me honestly how I’m moving through the world, and their reactions to my behavior help me understand myself better. I’ve learned a lot about myself in a very short time. The facilitators at Full of Grace create such a safe space for self-exploration that I never feel embarrassed by the things that are revealed about my personality. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m making progress towards being a healthier, happier person.”


“It’s so unusual to have a program with horses and that it works!”

Ariel L.

“It was informative, interesting and fun. Puts things in a different light”.

Glenn C.

“It was a good soul searching challenge which provided excellent teamwork and communication skills”.


“A great way to teach a lot of management skills but in an ‘outside the box’ kind of way. Much better than sitting in a classroom being told we need to communicate better”.


“It was great learning and bonding experience and also helps you take a self evaluation and strengthen your skill set as a whole and see what you can improve on”.

Juan S.

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