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First payment: June 1, 2024



This is Mitch, or Mitchel Lawrence! He is a 17 year old grade (unregistered) blood bay Morgan (at least, we think he is a Morgan: he has the overall “look” of one). He’s very athletic and loves people, but he does not like being ridden (except on the occasional trail ride)! He loves scratches, breakfast, treats and dinnertime! Mitch is owned by Full of Grace.

All of Full of Grace Farm’s horses have been rescued from various difficult circumstances & have required much love & rehab. As each horse has its own special story, so do they each have their own special needs. A monthly Sponsorship ensures our horses’ unique needs will be met. Each Sponsor will receive a monthly update, pictures & videos of their horse.

Class Pet Horses: School Classes can Sponsor-A-Horse as a Class Pet! When your Class Sponsors a Horse they will get Monthly updates on their horse’s activities & journey which includes pictures & videos along with an annual Class Field trip to visit their horse (Either at the Barn or Virtually!). Any class can have a gold fish or hamster (no disrespect, we love our little critters too!) but how Fun would it be to have a Class Horse!

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