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COVID-19 Announcements:

Please check this page for updates & information as details may change within each Phase. Thank you.


Please be sure to check-in regularly as these protocols are subject to change. Thank you!

  1. Barn hours are 9am-5pm ONLY. This applies to Everyone, No Exceptions. (does not include emergencies; in which case barn will advise).
  2. Everyone Must Wash or Sanitize Hands When you Arrive & before you Depart. Sanitizing & hand-washing stations are available for use throughout your visit as needed.
  3. Everyone Must Sign-in & Sign-out of the Barn. A Sign-in Record book is available at the Main Entrance. When you arrive you Must sign-in with your name, phone & arrival time. Before leaving you Must sign-out noting your departure time. Lesson Students with a standing schedule are not required to sign-in/out. Please do your part to help us keep track of all comings & goings.
  4. Everyone MUST WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES. You may remove your mask While Riding Outside ONLY (Please be sure to keep your Mask accessible for when you dismount & before re-entering the barn). All other times & in ALL AREAS Masks MUST be worn. This includes Paddocks as well as in & around the barn.  
  5. Social Distancing Required. Keep min 6ft space between each other. This applies to EVERYONE at All Times. The Barn is marked in sections to aid in distancing. In general, a standard sized horse is about 8ft from nose to tail, so most riders will naturally be more than 8ft part when grooming & tacking.
  6. No Visitors permitted.
  7. Must be Healthy/Asymptomatic: Only healthy asymptomatic folks allowed at the barn at this time. If you have a cold, cough or allergy-like symptoms (even if you feel fine), you must still refrain from coming to the barn. We ask everyone to please keep us abreast of such symptoms & quarantine yourself from the barn for a minimum 14 days once we are notified

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