Life Coaching through Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

What is Combined Learning/EAL/Life Coaching?

Combined learning with horses is the process of combining horse activities (ground work and or riding) with self exploration through experiential learning which simply means “to learn in the moment”. Horses are experts at reading human body language and emotion and are capable of offering us instant and observable feedback to what is going on so they make excellent teachers.

Full of Grace Farm has been helping clients with this technique since 2009 and are Leaders in the Pioneer Valley. Our sessions are specialized for individuals, couples or groups.

Who can benefit from this work?

Anyone who is looking for a fresh new perspective on life, gain some empathy, or wants to work on emotional skill building for a new upcoming job. Men, women and children alike,  let our experienced and trained coaches, equine specialists and horses help you to find “your truth”. Call us today to set up your initial session.

Groups and Programs

Women in Stride- Join us for a womens’ self-exploration / empowerment group. Thru the wisdom of the horse, we will explore who we are and how we move in this world. We will look at topics such as trust, communication, self-esteem, boundaries, respect, leadership, and relationships (towards self and others) to name a few. A strong desire to change from within is encouraged. This is a safe space for women only. Take one session or all three and see how your life will be transformed! All interactions with horses are ground-based; no riding or horsemanship experience necessary. 

2019 Sessions: Coming Soon!


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