Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Who can benefit from Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)?

Anyone. Women, men, children, couples and families can all benefit from Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. EAP addresses a wide variety of issues such as addiction, PTSD, relationship issues, anger management and life transitions to name a few. It’s hard to sit in a room and try to build a relationship with someone you don’t know and tell them all your deepest and darkest secrets. Most of us want to hide away from all of our pains and unconsciously build emotional walls as a form of protection, but that often holds us hostage instead. Here at Full of Grace Farm, it’s difficult to not interact with our wonderful horses, despite our inner walls. Even the most timid of clients come alive when fully engaged in working with the horses as guides toward personal growth and healing. 

The cost for most EAP programs vary depending on insurance coverage, your therapist & the equine specialist/horse(s). Many Flexible Spending Programs now offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) & Equine Assisted Learning/Life Coaching (EAL) as a deductible line item. Be sure to check if your Flex Spending offers it! 

Full of Grace Farm can work collaboratively with therapists and their clients. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a powerful adjunct to regular therapy. Interested therapists & their clients are welcome to email or call to find out if EAP is right for them.
Get off the couch and into the pasture, today! 

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