Corporate Team Building

The Right L.E.A.D.
Leadership, Education, Attitude & Dynamics!

What does a team look like to you? To your customers? Do you strive to have the kind of communication among your staff that just flows easily almost as if second nature?

Working with horses offer us the opportunity to see how we communicate, verbally and non verbally with others. It gives us the chance to see if we are true leaders and if not, how to become a leader. Horses give us instant and observable feedback with which we can then use to our benefit by changing what doesn’t work, to something that does work.  Fast paced and fun, this workshop will help build the kind of team that you are looking for where everyone is on the same page and communicating which helps your company and your clients!

Get out of the boardroom and onto The Right L.E.A.D., with our team of Equine Specialists and horses. A sure fire way to get the results you need to succeed! Retreats & Trainings designed with your team’s unique needs in mind. From full & half-days to custom-courses, we can help you bring your team dynamics to life!

Accepting bookings now for the 2019 season (March-October). Corporate events also available! Please call or email for more information.


The Home Depot of Hadley, MA recently this statement about their Corporate Team Building experience with us.

“Good morning Grace Team! Well, time has past since we visited and I though it appropriate to wrap up with a couple of thoughts. The buzz created from our visit with my team members has been tremendous and lasting. We have all been permanently affected by the experience and the day of activities have left us all with a sense of closeness and most notably, the vision of “controlling what we can control” rather than loosing sleep over the things we cannot. I would say, without hesitation, that you and your team helped achieve my goal of bringing our leadership team closer together. We remember lessons learned with our equine partners and apply them to many customer situations that we encounter every day. I would like to again say thank you to you all for having us be part of your wonderful world at the farm. It is something we will always remember. Thanks again!”
~ Mike J. Bokis III – Store Manager, Hadley Home Depot ~

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