A Note from our Founder

There is something to be said about a girl and her horse. Whether it’s sitting out in the pasture with them, the long hours of practice before a show or just listening to them munch contentedly on hay, horses have been a source of therapy for countless women, young and old alike. Full Of Grace Farm was founded for just such the promotion of healing and therapy that only horses can offer in a safe and nurturing environment.

My dream of owning my own stable as a young girl came to a crashing halt as I found myself headed towards a life of insanity. Horses once a very comforting and large part of my life took a back seat to a life I could not forsee for myself. I had lost all self-esteem and had no morals left, I was a shell of a human being, lost and floundering. I found horses again after many years of wandering and I was able to start a small but humble boarding stable, and it was through horses again that I healed and became whole. This farm is now the culmination of many women’s efforts and a strong belief in the healing power of horses.

There is no lying to them, they insist on integrity, they see us as we could never see ourselves without their help. They teach us communication, self-worth, love. trust, patience, and empathy, they teach us to be fully present in the here and now. We hope to offer a healing and safe space for all women interested in recovery from whatever life has thrown you. Come down to visit with the horses, sit by the river or walk along the cat- tailed marsh. Breathe in the fresh air, heal your soul…play and dream again!

Make it a great day!

~Joanne Huff

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